1.  What is Legislative District 25?

It is the portion of Prince George's County Maryland represented by a Maryland State Senator, three Delegates and three Democratic Central Committee Members.  Portions of each of the following cities are included in District 25:  Camp Springs, Capitol Heights, Clinton, District Heights, Forestville, Kettering, Largo, Morningside, Suitland, Temple Hills, Upper Marlboro and Westphalia

2.  What is the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee (PGCDCC)?

The Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee (PGCDCC) is the foundation and backbone of the Democratic Party within Prince George's County.  Each county throughout the state of Maryland has a Democratic Central Committee.

The PGCDCC acts as the governing body of the Democratic Party in Prince George's County.  Full power and authority is conferred upon it by the Maryland Democratic Party and the Laws of the State of Maryland to act in respect to all matters pertaining to the organization, maintenance, conduct, affairs and interests of the Democratic Party in Prince George's County.

The PGCDCC is responsible for promoting, establishing, and conducting political campaigns throughout Prince George's County for nominees of the Democratic Party and to act as the official spokesman for on all questions of public policy.

There are eight (8) districts in Prince George's County and twenty-four (24) elected members on the DCC.  Eight more members are appointed for Gender Balance making the total number of representatives 32 on the DCC.

3.  What are some of the duties of the Democratic Central Committee?

Some of the duties of the Democratic Central Committee include but aren't limited to the following as determined by specific subcommittees:

1.  Build a strong political base of registered voters in Prince George's County by coordinating activities that promote residents to become involved in all aspects of voting, as well as become politically active. Activities shall include, but not be limited to, working with the Board of Elections, individuals, and civic associations on how to perform successful voter registration drives and target the 18 to 30 age group through mass media, Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram, LinkedIn, etc.

2.  Coordinate fundraising events to raise resources and assist in securing monetary contributions to support the efforts of the Democratic Party in Prince George's County to elect Democratic candidates to public office.

3.  Develop objectives, strategies, and media work plans, establish high standards of quality for all materials released, maintain communication channels with appropriate media contacts to help assure effective relationships and craft public relations action plans in support of the PGCDCC and the Maryland Democratic Party.

4.  Develop a long range strategic plan to effectively and efficiently conduct general elections that will yield successful outcomes at the polls; and (b) work to improve the relationship and communications between the members of the PGCDCC and the Democratic Party Leader in Prince George's County.

4.  How can I find my polling place and list of elected representatives?

Following is the link which identifies your polling place, voting districts, all elected officials who represent you and all candidates who want your vote in the upcoming 2018 Primary Election!  

Once you click the link, it will take you to a window that says, "Polling Place Lookup," enter your street number, street name and zip code. Another window will open up with drop down menus including the titles: My Voting Districts, My Candidate Information and Local Board of Elections Information. Click on each drop down menu to obtain information about each.

5.  How can citizens submit a request to have potholes filled, high grass cut on county roads or on vacant properties and for other issues?

Below is a link to the Prince George's County 311 Click website. You can submit service requests for numerous categories such as any of the following: driveway apron repair, pot holes, waist high grass on occupied or vacant properties, abandoned vehicles, stapled flyer ads on lampposts etc. You can dial 311 from your home and cell phone or submit a request by clicking the link below:

6.  How can parents find out about scholarships for their child who is graduating this year?

Below is a link that will take you to a Directory of Scholarships for those who are seeking scholarship money to attend college. It's for your use and/or to share with your circle of influence! I wish you a day full of blessings!

7.  Is there a way citizens can submit a request to have things fixed on Maryland roads?

Yes!  Customer Service is very important to the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA). Click the link provided below and complete as much of their online form as possible to identify your concern. Fields with an * are required fields.

8.  Is there a Fee Assistance Discount Program for Day Camps, Kids' Care, Morning Care, Pre-School, Pre-Teen Times, Fitness Memberships etc?

The Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) provides fun and engaging programs and activities for the public regardless of financial status! Their Fee Assistance Program allows Prince George's County residents with financial hardship the opportunity to experience our programs and services at a reduced rate. Discounts range from 20% to 90%, depending on the level of need as determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


Fee Assistance is available only to families who reside in Prince George's County. If you are a resident and are unsure of your financial eligibility, use our Fee Assistance Calculator to estimate what level of assistance your family would receive. You can also find out which tax forms and documentation you'll need to submit along with your application.

Available Programs

Most programs with a total fee over $35 are eligible including child care, day camps, memberships, and many other programs covering all ages. However, there are important exceptions including group registrations, trips and excursions, leagues, and other select programs.

Eligible Programs

  • Aquatics memberships (some exclusions apply)
  • Community center memberships (1 year)
  • Day camps
  • Fitness memberships (3 months or 1 year)
  • Many recreation programs including Zumba, gymnastics, art, water aerobics, and much more (if priced over $35)
  • Most child care (Kids' Care, Morning Care, Pre-School, Pre-Teen Times, etc.)
  • Swim lessons


  1. Obtain your Tax Return Transcript (PDF)
  2. Download and complete the Application for Individual Fee Assistance (PDF). The Application is also available in Spanish (PDF).
    a. Attach the Family Size Supplement (PDF) if necessary.
    b. Attach the Income Supplement (PDF) if necessary.
  3. Identify programs or memberships you wish to register for (check for eligibility).
  4. Bring the completed application (including Tax Return Transcript) to your local community center.
  5. Turn in all paperwork and pay a 10% deposit toward the course fees.